Why do I need to be seen by an orthodontist?

Your dentist has referred you to our orthodontic practice. This means there is a problem with the alignment of your teeth or the way your teeth bite together. Also, it might be because you were unhappy with the appearance of your teeth

What will happen at my first appointment?

At your first appointment you will have a full orthodontic examination and have some records taken.

What does, 'full orthodontic examination' involve?

It is simply looking at the soft tissue of your face and your profile, as well as looking into your mouth at the alignment of your teeth and the way the top and bottom teeth meet.

What does taking records involve?

Records include taking impressions of your teeth using a material, which is like toothpaste, in order to make plaster models of your teeth. Sometimes, we also take some radiographs and possibly some pictures of you. A radiograph is an x-ray picture. It will require you to remove any earrings, chains and ideally any other piercing in the head area for the radiographs. Do let us know if you have had dental radiographs taken at your dentist recently. We might be able to use that instead.

Why do I need radiographs taken?

Radiographs will show the arrangement of the roots of your teeth as well as their quality and position along with the quality of your jaw bones. They are designed to show how your face, jaws and teeth are developing. They are also used to detect the presence and position of the teeth, which have not come through in your mouth or, occasionally, any extra teeth which may be buried in your gums.

What will happen after records are taken?

  1. Your orthodontist will tell you that there is little or no problem and you do not require orthodontic treatment. You will be discharged back to your own dentist.
  2. A consultation appointment will be arranged for you in the near future while your orthodontist analyses your records
  3. Your orthodontist will tell you that you will /may need orthodontic treatment in the future but you are perhaps still too young to start it. We will arrange an appointment to be sent out to you at a later date.
  4. Your orthodontist will tell you that you are ready to receive orthodontic treatment. She/he will discuss the treatment with you and an appointment will be arranged for you to start the treatment.

What if I am already wearing braces?

Try to get your previous records, if any, from your previous orthodontist/dentist and bring them with you.

How long will the first appointment take?

You will be in the dental chair for approximately 15-30 mins.

Do I need to pay anything at my first appointment?

If you are under 18 and a UK or European Community resident or you are under 19 and in full-time education, you are entitled to free NHS treatment.

What if I am none of the above?

There is normally a charge for the first consultation appointment and a further charge for taking records should you decide to have them taken at your first appointment. Fees are payable in cash, credit or debit card. The reception staff will be able to advise you of first appointment fees.

What if the appointment date/time does not suit me?

You can contact us as soon as you receive the appointment to change it. Please note that if you miss your appointment we will not contact you to make a new one. We will assume you do not wish to discuss orthodontic treatment and close your case.

I am under 16; do I need to bring my parents with me?

Yes. You need to bring one of your parents or a guardian with you to give consent for your treatment.

Can I get clear or invisible braces?

Yes, but unfortunately they are not available on the NHS. If you wish to have these, please discuss it with your orthodontist at your first appointment.